. . . from Students and Parents

"I began working with Sensei Basinger when I was six years old.  Over ten years later, after having worked with her for many, many years, I am proud to say that she has taught me so much.  From karate to dealing with conflict and so much more.  She is a wonderful person and I greatly recommend Karate STL to all men, women and children."
 - Chris

"There are a couple of things that set apart Karate STL from many of the other dojos in the area, and really in the U.S.
     1) This dojo is not a “belt factory.”  Belts are not handed out because students show up to class; you have to earn your belts.  The instructors are very helpful and patient.  If you want to learn and advance, you will but you have to do your part.
     2)  When I first joined, the instructors kept talking about our karate “family” and I have certainly heard that kind of hype before.  It is no hype here.  We really are like a big family.  We have a summer outing, and opportunity to travel to Michigan and train with our grand master every summer, holiday parties and other outings.  But all that extends to the dojo also.  The motto of our branch of karate is “friendship, cooperation, learning.”  I have never felt intimidated or threatened in my dojo.  Everyone works together with the goal of learning self-defense in a friendly, fun atmosphere.  No one is trying to beat you up here – and that is exactly what I was looking for.  I take Karate seriously but I have no desire to come to work the next day with broken ribs!
I was certainly apprehensive about starting Karate in my 40s but I am so glad I did and I am so glad I chose Karate STL!"
 - Carl

"I found Karate STL while searching online for a karate school for my son.  I was very impressed with the info found on the website and the philosophy of training that focuses on character development, as well as self-defense and physical achievement.  My son just wants to do it because "the moves are cool" haha.  My son has only been to 4 lessons and loves it!  Sensei Basinger clearly knows what she's doing with these kids and keeps them engaged and learning the whole time.  Karate STL has exceeded my expectations."
 - David

     "My children have been students of Karate STL for 12 years.  It has been a wonderful learning experience and has taught them to focus, to practice, and to be proud of their accomplishments--big
 & small.  My oldest daughter found her mentor in Sensei Basinger at age 6.  She is now 18 and continues her karate while in college.  My middle daughter, now 16, stopped karate after 2 years to study dance, but still feels welcomed and at home with the Karate STL family.  My 8 year old son started karate at 7 and does so much better focusing when he is in karate session. 
     Another great thing about Karate STL is students work at their own pace.  You can't fall behind because you aren't on a time schedule.  You don't test every [6-week] session; you continue to improve your technique as you learn new kata.  Each class has multiple belt levels within your age group.  Intermediate yellow belts can work with both beginner & advanced yellow belts---reinforcing learned [skills] while helping others.  Nothing helps youth to build self confidence more than passing on the knowledge they have learned. 
     Also, when life seems too hectic, we can not sign up for a session, come back in 6 weeks and continue where we left off...again, because each student works at his or her own pace.  I recommend Karate STL to any family who wants their child to have fun while learning to focus, to improve by practicing, and build self confidence while learning to keep themselves safe."
 - Lisa

"I cannot express how Thankful I am that my daughter is a part of the Karate STL family.  She started when she was in 3rd grade and now she is a freshman in high school and a brown belt.  She has learned patience and she found a way to control her anxiety.  Sensei is an amazing teacher and truly a wonderful person.  My daughter loves to help teach the younger students and help in the self defense classes.  It gives me peace of mind knowing she can protect herself if she needed too."
 - Amber

"I drive my child from Wildwood to Maryland Heights [approx. 20 miles] to take karate with Sensei Basinger and it is well worth it.  He has Autism and she is able to see past his disability to his strengths.  She is always encouraging and has a friendly smile for her students.  I highly recommend karate stl to anyone looking for a very positive karate learning environment."
 - Michelle

"My son Brian started last year and he loves it it has taught him a lot and his confidence has gone up he will keep going until the end hopefully he will be a teacher some day for her we love you sensei."
 - Amy

"Karate has taught me to control my strength.  Sensei Basinger is very patient and understanding.  In class, we don't just learn how to fight we learn how to defend ourselves and even how to get away from someone that is trying to bring us harm."

 - Kaylee

"This is a great program and very reasonable price!  We love it and would recommend it to anyone!"
 - Autumn

"I have to say we love karate stl.  My daughter has found her niche and loves the sport.  I wish she was able to test every [6-week] session but understand that some lessons are harder than others.  I think the sessions are reasonably priced as well."
 - Dana

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